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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned to Updated
11702 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighSupport reordering the input fields in a Processing model GUIVictor Olaya11/20/2014 02:54 pm
11701 Viewshed analysisBug reportOpenNormalHorizon is off by one pixel11/20/2014 01:56 pm
11700 OpenLayers PluginBug reportOpenHighGoogle Street, Physical and Hybrid layers no longer project properly in OpenLayers11/20/2014 10:39 am
11698 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalMax size of qwidget in QGIS 2.611/20/2014 03:25 am
11697 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighQGIS 2.6 crashes when opening Save As dialog on OS X Yosemite11/20/2014 03:02 am
11696 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalRed blinking line for empty label11/20/2014 03:00 am
11695 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalPython parser for geometries in delimited text layers11/19/2014 03:07 pm
11694 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighCannot select second layer when Join attributes table is used in ModelerVictor Olaya11/20/2014 03:15 am
11693 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalprovider.addFeatures() returns True but fails11/20/2014 08:25 am
11691 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalUse ogr2ogr to create an Intersect tool that accepts more than two vectorsGiovanni Manghi11/19/2014 11:16 am
11690 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalUse ogr2ogr to create Union tool that accepts more than 2 input vectorsGiovanni Manghi11/19/2014 09:49 am
11689 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalAdd hyperlink option to "File Name" form controls11/19/2014 07:53 am
11687 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalSelected encoding disappears when dublicating layer11/19/2014 06:40 am
11686 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalGeoJSON editing11/19/2014 03:50 am
11685 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackBlockerQGIS 2.6 x86 and x64 crashes on open QGIS 2.2 or 2.4 project11/20/2014 01:09 am
11684 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalAfter splitting a feature only one of the parts shows in table as "show edited and new features"11/19/2014 12:40 am
11683 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalQGIS 2.6 (Linux) missing option to add File-bases Geodatabase 11/19/2014 07:18 am
11682 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenBlockerRaster calculator produces only 0 values with conditional expression11/18/2014 11:03 am
11681 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalStyle Editor - export by group11/18/2014 05:50 am
11680 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenHighList layers name in functions panel within "select by expression" dialog11/18/2014 02:52 am
11679 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalVirtual field does Display in form after project is closed and reopened11/18/2014 12:55 am
11678 CADDigitizeFeature requestOpenNormalSquare by 2 cornersLoïc BARTOLETTI11/17/2014 08:53 pm
11677 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighAccess violation when removing layer which is in the composer legend11/18/2014 09:46 pm
11676 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenLow"Don’t export page if frame is empty" doesn't suppress world file creation11/17/2014 03:08 pm
11675 QGIS for Android Bug reportOpenNormalQGIS 2.4 crashes on startup on Android 5.011/17/2014 02:33 pm

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