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12659 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighCertain fonts don't work in Print Composer04/27/2015 02:37 pm
12658 Swap Vector DirectionFeature requestIn ProgressNormalwork with MultiLinestring postgis geometryChristophe MAGINOT04/27/2015 01:06 pm
12657 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalProcessing/GRASS don't work under Windows if username or input/output paths have non ascii charsVictor Olaya04/27/2015 11:35 am
12656 QGIS Redmine (aka Hub)SupportOpenNormalStyle Manager filter ignores currently selected group04/27/2015 09:50 am
12655 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalCopy / paste style on different geometry layers04/27/2015 09:43 am
12654 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalRemove geographical operations on table layers04/27/2015 05:34 am
12653 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighEmbed layers window causes QGIS crash when no project is selected04/27/2015 03:43 am
12652 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalmarker rotation and polygon containing rings04/27/2015 12:55 am
12651 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalParameters not Displaying in Browser04/26/2015 09:29 pm
12650 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalatlas - export only certain pages04/26/2015 11:58 pm
12649 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalinconstistencies in editing tools when working on a postgis layer without primary key04/26/2015 02:43 pm
12648 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenBlockerWhen editing a CSV (added as geometryless table) newly added records disappear after saving04/26/2015 02:32 pm
12647 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalqgis 2.8.1 – processing gdal 1.11.2 error/processing GRASS error (mac, 10.10.3)04/27/2015 03:48 am
12646 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenBlockerSplit RGB bands stopped to work in latest Processing releasesVictor Olaya04/26/2015 03:54 am
12644 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighA number of fonts in the composer have metrics messed up upon project re-loadingNyall Dawson04/25/2015 12:07 am
12643 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenBlockerProcessing convex hull does not workVictor Olaya04/24/2015 08:57 am
12639 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalConvex hull does not save a prj fileVictor Olaya04/24/2015 07:12 am
12637 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackBlockerPrimary key set to null when using Identify on layer or editing a child table.Matthias Kuhn04/27/2015 10:46 am
12635 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenHighQgsRasterLayer.setDrawingStyle string version is in the bindings instead of the enum version04/23/2015 08:26 am
12631 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenBlockerQgsSnapper.snapToCurrentLayer() not working anymore in QGIS 2.804/23/2015 03:15 am
12630 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenBlockerGet sample query expression non-responsive for large PostGIS datasets04/27/2015 04:07 am
12629 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalVector Layer TranslateFeatures performance (2.8.1 vs 1.8.0)04/27/2015 04:16 am
12628 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalDBManager doesn't properly manage timestamp format04/25/2015 01:15 pm
12627 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalShapefile exported from Version 2.8.1 is Unreadable to ARCMAP04/27/2015 03:40 am
12624 LecoS - QGIS PluginBug reportOpenNormalUnicodeEncodeError when running LecoS04/22/2015 10:05 am

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