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Toggle_check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned to Updated
13178 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalQGIS LTR version checks for latest non-LTR QGIS version08/03/2015 11:00 am
13177 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackHighQGIS Crashes when viewing a composer IF one of the layers has diagrams turned on 08/03/2015 04:10 pm
13176 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenLowjoin non-spatial tabel08/03/2015 06:31 am
13175 QGIS Plugin SiteBug reportOpenHighApproving a plugin does not work08/03/2015 09:43 am
13174 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalModeler: GDAL Dissolve with path problems in WindowsGiovanni Manghi08/03/2015 08:28 am
13173 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackHighSegmentation fault during startup - libpoppler08/02/2015 01:00 pm
13172 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalQgis does not read well the .prj files07/31/2015 06:00 am
13171 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenBlockerTrying to add a JOIN to a lonesome layer crashes QGIS07/30/2015 01:19 pm
13170 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalpostgis layer.dataProvider().setDataSourceURI(.....) has no effect.07/29/2015 01:48 pm
13169 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalGeoreferencer produces invalid Geotiff Information in some cases07/30/2015 02:37 pm
13168 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalCreate Layer (QLR) from selected features07/29/2015 07:53 am
13167 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenBlockerftools dissolve, intersection, clip broken07/30/2015 02:02 pm
13165 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalno result buffer when trying to filter hstore table07/28/2015 06:54 am
13164 QGIS ApplicationFeature requestOpenNormalLock scale in print composer07/27/2015 04:30 pm
13163 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenBlockerQGIS 2.8.2 crashes when applying OS area style for VML07/30/2015 03:25 pm
13162 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalUnable to stylize raster as Singleband Pseudocolor08/02/2015 08:53 am
13161 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenBlockerQGIS Server GetLegendGraphics Server Error07/30/2015 01:49 pm
13159 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalwrong display of negative number values from a postGIS db08/03/2015 07:53 am
13158 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalMultiple Oracle geometry columns mixed up for renderingJürgen Fischer07/27/2015 04:25 am
13157 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalNew digitized polygon dissappears while attribute form is open07/30/2015 02:16 pm
13156 QGIS ApplicationBug reportOpenNormalAdd qwtpolar-1.1 embedded copy for Qwt >= 6.1 support07/26/2015 03:15 am
13155 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackHighA Multiband image(e.g. landsat5,7,8) cannot be displayed in windows8. 07/31/2015 12:33 am
13154 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalFeature count doesn't update07/30/2015 02:19 pm
13153 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormal.qgs file is blank after save07/30/2015 01:21 pm
13151 QGIS ApplicationBug reportFeedbackNormalZonal statistics error: 0-d arrays can't be indexed 08/03/2015 11:20 am

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