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Eraser or rubber tool

Added by Anne Nilsen over 2 years ago.

Status:Open Start Date:08/27/2014
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Target version:Future Release - High Priority
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Platform version:8.1 and 4.4 Pull Request or Patch supplied:No
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Is it possible to add an "Eraser/rubber tool" like the Rubber tool in e.g. "Paint" or the Eraser tool in Gimp (which erases to background with a brush)?
Such a tool would be very convenient when using QGIS on a tablet (Windows 8.1 or Android) - just activating the Eraser tool and use the finger (or pen) to delete parts of a line.
In Inkscape the Eraser tool erase existing path (i.e. the whole feature/object/item) when "drawing" a line crossing the feature (but here the entire feature is deleted). It would be preferable to be able to delete just a part of it with a "brush" navigated with your finger or pen on the tablet screen. However, also deleting features just by touching them (or drawing a crossing line) would be an improvement on a tablet without clicking the select tool, selecting the feature and then hitting the delete icon. Precise selection (of tools/icons and features) are more difficult and more time-consuming on a 8'' screen than on a computer with mouse and 24'' screen...

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