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Plugin layers do not work correctly with rotation

Added by Martin Dobias over 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Plugin layers are not drawn correctly when rotation is non-zero. (Tried with Crayfish, probably OpenLayers will have the problem too)


Updated by Sandro Santilli over 2 years ago

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Updated by Sandro Santilli over 2 years ago

It might be easier to split this into one ticket for each non-working plugin as I'm afraid it needs special handling in each of them.
If the problem is (as I supposed without looking) in the MapCanvasItem's setRect function, we know there's no way to retain backward compatibility of that method in presence of rotation (problem being assumption of top-left corner of visible extent falling exactly on the top-left corner of the device output, while with rotation active we can only have a fixed corrispondence between centers, not corners).

Updated by Etienne Trimaille about 2 years ago

Replicated, layers from OpenLayers plugin are not rotated on qgis master.

Updated by Sandro Santilli over 1 year ago

Could you give instruction to reproduce this ?
I've tried "OpenLayers Plugin" (from sourcepole) but I've only found a way to download data and import it into a spatialite db.

Updated by Sandro Santilli over 1 year ago

Figured out. I'll file a separate ticket for the openlayers case.

Updated by Sandro Santilli over 1 year ago

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Actually, I think plugin related issues should be handled by plugins themselves.

The OpenLayers plugin already has a ticket for handling rotation (feature request): http://hub.qgis.org/issues/12666
I've filed another one for crayfish: https://github.com/lutraconsulting/qgis-crayfish-plugin/issues/126

Feel free to reopen if you see an issue with qgis itself, rather than a lack of support by calling code.

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