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Digitize/edit features using coordinates

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Although QGIS provides the ability to add points through WKT, CSV and even POSTGIS, this is doesn't help when you need to add another point or move a vertex to another exact coordinate...what do you do?
Other software supports this kind of functionality and it is used frequently for survey to alter and add points for interpolation.
Currently the only option is Numerical Digtize, a QGIS Plugin, obviously you need to know that it exists to be able to use it, this still misses some functionality though.
When training, this is a common question that is asked of me.


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The obvious choice would be to port to qgis core the "numerical vertex edit" and the "numerical digitize" plugins, that are (as a few others like table manager, value tool, group stats) mature enough to be added to the main program (and given that the tasks they do are really common ones for the average gis user).

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