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Add legend type/properties for map composer: gradient, horizontal, with label offset

Added by Juraj Betak over 1 year ago.

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Please, see attached image to understand the thread:
A - definition of thresholds for the color legend
B - visualisation of color legend in TOC
C - example what I am capable to construct via legend properties to map composer

My wish:
D - vertical color gradient with correct position of values (see offset next to the interval threshold), no outline forthe interval colors
E - represents D, transformed to horizontal position

I do not know, how much work it is to implement features for creating such legend, but that would be really helpful.

I work with various kinds of gridded data for 15+ years on daily basis; E option would cover 90% of my needs for legend. It is logically correct and compact to save space in the layout. A lot of "unGIS" software/libs (like Matplotlib+Basemap) offer such legend type.

gradient-legend.png (12.1 kB) Juraj Betak, 09/28/2015 03:17 pm

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