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Increase allowed maximum value for Outline Width in Simple Marker dialog

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In Simple Marker dialog box max value for Outline Width is 99.99 (inherited from QDoubleSpinBox?). If Map units are used for specifying Outline Width, and map is in small scale, larger values are needed, for example if map is printed in 1:3 000 000, line width of 0.2 mm is specified as 600 map units.


In file QGIS/src/ui/symbollayer/widget_simplemarker.ui

Add e.g. "<property name="maximum">
to object
<widget class="QgsDoubleSpinBox" name="mOutlineWidthSpinBox"></widget>

widget_simplemarker.ui (14.3 kB) Dražen Tutić, 01/12/2016 11:40 pm

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increase maximum value for outline width in symbols widgets (fix #14094)


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