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Filter relation reference widget by expressions

Added by Regis Haubourg 4 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Relation reference widget does not allow to spatially filter potential related features. (that widget [[https://hub.qgis.org/attachments/9427/emeded_form_relationreferenz.jpg]] )

Filtering by expression instead of simple fields would allow to call functions such as

 intersects(  $geometry ,  geomFromWKT( $current_canvas_extent ))

That would allow a dropdown list reduced to a few neighbouring features. Currently it loads the whole layer, and can kill QGIS.

a native checkbox to filter by canvas would be also good for average users

Related issues

related to QGIS Application - Bug report #10900: python filter expression don't work on "value relation" Reopened 07/16/2014


Updated by Regis Haubourg 4 months ago

For the record, it is possible in value relation widget . See #10900
but that one can not allow user to click on a map object.

Updated by Matthias Kuhn 3 months ago

I would propose to solve this on a broader perspective (i.e. not only for the relation reference widget) and introduce a new "search feature(s)" widget that allows for searching features based on attributes or location. This widget would be opened with a separate button (like the select from canvas button now).

The combobox on the other hand shouldn't load all the options (if there are more than ~100 there is no longer any point in doing so) but have an autocompleter that works with requests on the data source and proposes matches based on this.

Updated by Regis Haubourg 3 months ago

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Good idea Matthias, this is much more elegant.
I open a dedicated feature request.

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