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r.mapcalculator: variable number of input maps

Added by Paolo Cavallini about 7 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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It would be good to have a variable number of input maps for r.mapcalculator GRASS module. See r.buffer as an example (this approach cannot be used directly, as the underlying GRASS commands are different).


Updated by Markus Neteler about 7 years ago

The reason for the different behaviour is that the command style is different:

 r.mapcalculator [-eo] [amap=string] [bmap=string] [cmap=string]
   [dmap=string] [emap=string] [fmap=string] formula=string
   outfile=string ...


r.buffer [-zq] input=name output=name distances=value[,value,...] ...

The distances parameter is a 1..n list while in r.mapcalculator the
parameters are separate.

Suggestion: modify r.mapcalculator in QGIS to require input=string[,string,...]
since this cannot be changed in the GRASS 6 series for compatibility.

Updated by Giovanni Manghi over 5 years ago

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