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Add plugin autopackaging script

Added by Paolo Cavallini over 6 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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The current situation with plugins is rather confusing for the user: many repos, not all of them available all the time, often no easy way to understand ahow they work.
For developers the situation is also not optimal: it is difficult to notifiy bugs, easy to miss them, and difficult to fix problems in plugins other than its own.
I suggest to put all them on a trac (either a separate instance or a brach of the main QGIS trac).
A set of useful functions would then be:
  • a script for automatic packaging after any commit; this will solve the frequent problems with plugins with wrong XML data being asked to be upgraded any time, and make the dev life easier
  • a rating system, so users can tell which ones to trust more
  • download statistics, for the same purpose
  • an info page, better if open to coments


Updated by Andreas Neumann over 6 years ago

I will list here some of my expectations regarding the new centralized plugin repository - and related to it - some extensions on the Python plugin installer:

Central Repository

  • Quality Assurance (poor plugins are bad for QGIS reputation)
  • Status (experimental, production)
  • trac-like option to report bugs and enhancement requests
  • category
  • documentation:
    - where in the UI can the plugin be found (menu, toolbar, dialogue)
    - initial check-in date, last updated date
    - contact information - how to reach the plugin author (developer and organization/company)
    - purpose of the plugin
    - URL to further information/manual/howto
    - support options (if any)
    - what language is supported
Plugin Install Enhancements
  • reveal metadata listed above
  • way for users to comment, rate or report bugs (could also be provided by a separate web-based tool, but the plugin-installer should show a link to this other system)
  • plugins could be grouped by category
  • plugin installer could display external documentation webpage within a qtwebkit embedded in the installer
  • plugin-installer could show screenshots of the plugin

Updated by Paolo Cavallini over 6 years ago

I would add:
  • we need cooperative platform to let one or more maintainer group plugins under a reasonable number of submenus: now it is very difficult to find a plugin when installed

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it seems it was everything implemented, right?

Updated by Paolo Cavallini about 4 years ago

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Most of the features have been implemented; the autopackaging script is still missing.

Updated by Alexander Bruy about 1 year ago

  • Resolution deleted (fixed)

Do we really need autopackaging script for 3rd party plugins? What is the purpose of this script? For me it looks quite useless, I can not think of any reason why I may need to create plugin package on each commit to my GitHub or local repo.

BTW, Plugin Builder already generates makefile which allows create plugin package by running make.

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