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Provide a custom SVG path in an environment variable

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in an enterprise environment with shared projects it would be useful to have set an environment variable pointing to a custom SVG path (in a shared network folder).

There is already an env var for python plugins, QGIS_PLUGINPATH.

The env name could be QGIS_SVGPATH


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Hello, bug triage...

in QGIS 2.13 master (and previous versions), there is now a way to add paths for SVG symbols. It is located in the Settings -> System tab. You can add as many paths as you want. Furthermore, this configuration is stored in QGIS settings (.ini for GNU/Linux and register for MS-Windows), so you can easily modify it as a sysadmin in an enterprise environment or deploy it to a lot of configurations.

There is no environment variable for this but you've got a way to set the SVG path in your environment so, I am closing this feature request.

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