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Display a progress bar when loading shp/dbf

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- When loading a shapefile, display a progress bar to inform the user about the number of features geometries loaded (total number of features of a shapefile should be available inside dbf header) before final map rendering finally occurs.

- when opening attributes data table, display a progress bar to inform the user about the number of data records read inside the dbf file, before table view is finally displayed.


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Hello, bug triage...

when you load the attribute table of a layer with lots of features (more than 100000 features, I am not sure what is the limit), there is a window indicating the number of features that have been loaded.

For layer rendering, I think this is impossible to have feature count because you can have a layer with lots of features which just loads in milliseconds because the features are not in the canvas extent (I can have a 1 million points layer loading instantly using this trick). For attribute table it is much more simple: you have to load everything. Furthermore, I can't see how to make a progressive feature count when you have multiple layers. Or perhaps would you like to have a global progressive feature count dialog box when rendering exceeds n seconds ?

I also think this is complex when using parallel rendering !

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In the attribute table there is a progress bar and there are better ways (see #14994).
For rendering this doesn't make sense (see comment above by Médéric Ribreux).

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