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Defining column types for CSV imports

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At work we use Mac OS X. Microsoft Office for Mac no longer supports DBF exports, and much of our data that we'd like mapped lives in Excel-compatible files.

I'm currently exporting as CSV using this workaround, but it requires me to create a CSVT file, an annoying extra step. http://underdark.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/how-to-specify-data-types-of-csv-columns-for-use-in-qgis/

Is there any way to eliminate this extra step by allowing a user to define the column types at import?


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Updated by Karolina Alexiou about 2 years ago

I will work on this. Longs getting casted to floats from csvs has been an inconvenience for a while. Plz somebody with permissions assign this to me, thanks.

Updated by Matthias Kuhn about 2 years ago

Can you add a short description about your plans. Which datatypes exactly do you want to support (Int/Long/Float/Double) and will there be auto-detection of some kind of these types or what is the workflow?

Updated by Karolina Alexiou about 2 years ago

The workflow would be to allow the user to force a data type for 1 or more columns. Basically I am thinking of adding another row to the UI when importing delimited text layer where the user would be able to select Int/Long/Float/Double/String or Autodetect(default). Right now there is autodetection, but it doesn't always work right. I could also see if there is some obvious improvement to be done in that.

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Updated by Jukka Rahkonen about 2 years ago

Perhaps you could use ODS format instead? GDAL and Excel both can read and write the format http://www.gdal.org/drv_ods.html.

Updated by Karolina Alexiou about 2 years ago

Not really applicable to us, we just want more control over importing raw text files (unlike the original poster).

Updated by Karolina Alexiou about 2 years ago


I made a pull request to QGIS upstream which improves the autodetection by also adding long types.
No work yet on forcing the type from the import menu.

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Hello, bug triage...

the PR has been merged.

One good idea (on the GUI part) would be to try to make the delimited text provider act like LibreOffice Calc csv importer:

  • there is a QComboBox with the list of each type.
  • When you select a column, you can use the QComboBox to define the type of the selected column.

We just need a way to display the manually defined type of columns (upper or above the column name), but I am sure it's feasible.

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