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"Add" button is enabled when no PostGIS layers are selected

Added by Mike Toews almost 5 years ago. Updated 9 months ago.

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In the "Add PostGIS Table(s)" dialog, when no layers are selected, the "Add" button is enabled. Clicking this button shows an information dialog:

You must select a table in order to add a layer.

Although this is all logical at a basic level, it could be confusing to the user. Particularly if they had already selected a layer, then double-clicked it to build a query, and the layer became unselected. The "Add" button should only be enabled when there are greater than zero layers selected, otherwise it should be disabled.

As a minor touch-up, the dialog does not list PostGIS "tables", rather they are layers (as the pop-up text shows for the icon). These can be any number of combinations of tables and/or views with one or more geometry/geography columns .. or simply put, layers.

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Revision 7132209fa0965a217d48feeaba1f0ef30a68e91c
Added by Alexander Bruy 9 months ago

enable Add button in DB dialogs only when at least one table is selected (fix #5616)

Revision 427559c872280618c9cc632f36e5f7b04c62faf5
Added by Alexander Bruy 9 months ago

Merge pull request #3100 from alexbruy/add-db-table

enable Add button in DB dialogs only when at least one table is selected (fix #5616)


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Hello, bug triage...

still true in QGIS 2.13...

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