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Allow duplication of groups in legend

Added by Larry Shaffer over 4 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Currently, the duplicate function of the legend only duplicates layers. A duplication of groups would also be useful.

One issue that might arise is when a user has block-selected a bunch of layers, and some of them are in a group, and the group is also accidentally selected. Some type of check would need to happen to make sure not to duplicate the layers (in place) and also duplicate the parent group, thereby duplicating the layers again. In theory, if multiple parent groups are accidentally selected, many duplicate group trees could be created. OR, maybe allow that to take place and let users learn from their mistake of selecting the parent group.

Another approach could be to disallow the duplicate function when multiple selections contain a group. Then, only allow duplication of a group when there is a single selection containing a group. This method might be better than trying to recursively figure out what to do with multiple-selected parent groups.

I am assigning this to myself. If some time passes and I do not show any progress, please re-assign.


Updated by Jürgen Fischer almost 3 years ago

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Updated by Médéric RIBREUX over 1 year ago

Hello, bug triage...

still true for QGIS 2.13 master. Could be a good feature to implement...

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