• QGIS

    This is the umbrella project for official QGIS related projects.

  • User Plugins

    User contributed QGIS plugins - see

    • attribute painter plugin

      description=Plugin for easy replication of attributes between features
      develpment has migrated to

    • autogcp

      A gcp algorithm library.

    • Auxiliary Window

      Plugin for open synchronized window with selected layers

    • Azimuth & Distance Calculator

      QGIS plugin to calculate azimuths and distances for a selected feature. Also calculates the UTM kappa factor and meridian convergence to a given geographical coordinate.
      The results, csv text, can be used to create patrimonial documents.

    • BLN Exporter

      A Python Plugin that exports vector data to Surfer BLN format.

    • cad4qgis

      Plugin for QGIS to perform inserting/editing of points in OGR vector layers in CAD style

    • CADDigitize

      CAD like tools for QGis
      Fork of "Rectangles Ovals Digitizing". Inspired by CadTools, LibreCAD/AutoCAD.

    • Catalog on the fly

      Automatically adds images that are in the catalog layer that intersect with the map area.

      The source code is available at the Luiz Motta repository on GitHub:

    • Catalog Planet Labs

      This plugin lets you get images from the Planet Labs API, by performing searches for images that intersect with the extent of the map window.
      It is a product from Planet Explorers program (, it is not an official Planet Labs's plugin....

    • Color Ramp Manager

      plugin to manage and download color ramp definitions

    • Conefor Inputs

      Integrate Conefor with QGIS. Use Conefor to perform landscape analysis from within QGIS

    • Contrast Homogenizer

      Contrast Homogenizer allows to apply the contrast stretching of the current layer to all visible layers in QGIS. Likely to be useful when you open several adjacent images as QGIS enhances the contrast of each image independently based on their histogram. So the rendering is not homogeneous. This plugin allows to have this homogeneity on display....

    • Custom DB Query Plugin

      Allows loading custom SQL queries from PostGIS and SpatiaLite databases. It can load spatial queries directly in QGIS' map canvas as new layers. It can also perform normal SQL queries and show the results as a table.

    • DEM Elevation Value

      Inform to user the elevation value from a DEM in the mouse location in real time

    • Diagram Legend Plugin

      Tracker for the DiagLeg plugin

    • Disconnected Islands plugin

      Finds disconnected "islands" in a road network layer, so that a routing tool will work between all nodes. A tolerance field allows for imperfect topology.

      This QGIS plugin runs on a polyline layer, building up a road (or rail, etc.) network graph of connected links. It then analyses connected subgraphs, ones that are connected to each other, but not connected to isolated or floating links. It creates an additional attribute containing the group ID of the subgraph. This can then be used to style the layer with Categorised styles, or Zoom to selection. The disconnected links can then be fixed....

    • Dn2Nbr

      dn2nbr (short for Digital Numbers to Normalized Burn Ratio) is a plugin designed to work in Qgis to calculate the NBR from a Landsat 7 image with Digital Numbers values.
      Obtaining a NBR image is a tedious task since bands 4 and 7 of the scene have to be converted to radiance and reflectance values (using gap masks if necessary) prior to calculating the NBR itself, so this script was created to simplify the process....

    • earthbeat

      Earthbeat allows displaying pixels' profiles (time series or spectral profiles).

    • Elevation

      Obtain and display point elevation data using Google Maps

    • EqDistant Plugins

      This plugin creates Equidistant line using two line layers as input.

    • Freehand Editing

      A plug-in for Freehand line/polygon editing. Originally created by Pavol Kapusta.

    • GarminCustomMap

      The GarminCustomMap plugin exports the map canvas to a Garmin Custom Map (.kmz-file), which can be used as a background map on compatible Garmin GPS units.

    • Genetic Line Simplifier

      A line simplification plugin using Genetic Algorithms.
      The Genetic framework used in this plugin is the DEAP (
      The code present in this plugin was developed during my Geoinformatics course at ITC (
      In the Documents tab it is possible to find the report made at the end of the course....

    • geoCharts

      make charts using Bokeh library from vector's attribute table (

    • GeopaparazziTags

      GeopaparazziTag - Import data from field survey done with Geopaparazzi.
      GeopaparazziTag import Text notes, Photo notes, Audio notes, Sketch notes, Notes by Tags and GPS logs.
      The tab "Import Geopaparazzi Media folder" is used to import Geopaparazzi notes associated with media (photo, audio, sketch). GeopaparazziTag make three output files: a points file associated with photo notes called “prefix_images”, a points file associated with audio notes called “prefix_audios” and a points file associated with sketchs image called "prefix_sketches". The shapefiles attribute table contains the following information: latitude, longitude, azimuth angle (only for photos), elevation, time, date and file name....

    • geopunt4Qgis

      "Geopunt voor QGIS" is a plugin for the QGIS open source desktop GIS, to use geopunt services (Flemish Goverment) in QGIS

    • Geospatial Simulation

      Geospatial tool for managing point-based simulation models

    • Geosud TOA Reflectance

      Convert Digital Numbers (DN) to ToA Reflectance for RapidEye, Spot 5 and Landsat 8

    • geoUmbriaSUIT

      Tool for environmental and Socio-economics sustainability assessment

    • Gimp Selection Feature

      Plugin for adding selected area in GIMP how a feature in memory layer.
      This plugin create a memory layer, where, yours feature can come from selected area in GIMP.

    • GIS Cloud Plugin

      This product is designed to provide a GIS Cloud data layer publisher for QGIS. This will provide users the functionality to upload data layers manipulated in QGIS directly into their GIS Cloud account using their account login details.

    • go2streetview plugin

      A simple plugin that allows to click on a map and get a Google street window for the specified coordinates.
      Development has migrated to

    • go2webservices

      plugin to access custom geo web services right from qgis adding to urls variables related to user input and map view
      The development ha migrated to

    • Google Maps Engine Connector

      Google Maps Engine Connector for QGIS allows your to authenticate with your Google Account, list maps you have access to and view and interact with them within QGIS.

    • Grids for Atlas

      This plugin allows to create vector grids feeding the Atlas. The grids will cover the extent of a coverage layer.

      You can generate either a "classic grid", or a "dynamic grid" more adapted to linear-shaped coverage layers.

    • Group stats

      Group Stats is a plugin which calculate stats for groups of features

    • HTP Geoprocessor

      Geospatial tool for geoprocessing HTP sensor data

    • Image Boundary

      Make grid boundary from images into directories

    • Image Footprint

      This plugin create a catalog layer from directories of images, how a memory layer, each feature has metadata and footprint of a image.

    • INSPIRE Atom Client

      Client for INSPIRE Downloadservices based on ATOM-Feeds

    • Item Browser

      This plugin allows you to browse a multiple selection in QGIS.

      First, connect the layers by clicking the "plug" icon or the corresponding menu entry. Choose the layers to be connected and validate.

      Select features and see at the bottom left of QGIS a dialog to browse your selection....

    • Kuwahara Filter

      Plugin to apply kuwahara 5x5 filter. A edge-preserving filter.
      You just need to support a tiff image.

    • LatLonGrid

      Creating Lat/Lon grid based on the extend of existing vector or raster layer.

    • Layer arranger

      groups the available layers into point, line, polygon category which makes the it easy one click optimum layer visibility arrangement.

    • Layers by Field

      A plugin that allows you to create a number of layers based on the unique values in a column. Useful if you need to create a layer per value from a table.

    • LCCS3 Basic Coder
      LCCS3 Basic Coder is a QGis Plugin devoted to make easy the coding of geographical features on the basis of the classes of a LCCS3 legend.
      The main features are:
      • selection and loading of a LCCS3 legend
      • display of the list of LCCS3 classes
      • selection (and activation) of the vector layer containing the features to be coded...
    • libgcp

      A gcp algorithm library.

    • Locked Layers Manager

      A tool to manage the layerset of a composermap on a composer. It allows you to add and remove layers from the layerset without having to set this up in the map canvas.

    • Loop Visible Layers

      This QGis plugin allows for layers or groups to be displayed in a loop.

      The plugin interface is a small dock widget which should appear in the left dock when the plugin is activated.

      The "Select Group" selection allows to define the source for the layers to loop....

    • M150Xml

      Import Lines and Points (Manholes and sewers) from DWA XML 150

    • Map Coloring

      Is there someone who can move this project as a sub-project of User Plugins ?

      Coloring a map such that two contiguous polygons do not have the same color. The algorithm does not always provide a solution with a minimum number of colors.

    • MapSwipe Tool

      This plugin is a map tool for swipe active layer, for example, you can see the difference with others layers below.
      The active layer, or group, will appear above all others.

    • Mask

      Help to create mask

      When one or more objects are selected, activating the plugin generates a polygon memory layer containing a "mask" whose dimension is twice area of the current view.
      The mask is a gray box, with holes in order to highlight the underlying objects...

    • MemoryLayerSaver

      The MemoryLayerSaver plugin automatically saves "memory" provider layers as GML files alongside the project file.

      Several other plugins (eg the contour plugin) create map layers for which the data is held in memory rather than in persistent storage. When the project is saved the definition of the layer is stored, but the content is not saved. This plugin automatically saves all such layers as GML files alongside the QGIS project file so that when the project is reloaded the memory provider layers are intact. ...

    • MetaEdit

      XML metadata viewer and editor.

    • MultiEdit

      QGIS Plugin

      MultiEdit chooses an attribute value from a vector layer and selecting the matching features, changes all the corresponding to a new value: useful if you have many features to modify.This plugin lets you write the new value in any existing field in the attribute table, for the selected features or newly created from plugin gui......

    • MultiLayerSelect

      Tool to select features of differents layers

    • Multipart Split

      What it does

      The multipart split plugin will alow one to transform multipart features into single part features. Compared to normal Multipart to singlepart tool in vector menu, it as the advantage of converting only selected features during an edit session, and save directly on the same layer, without the need to save as a new shapefile....

    • My Plugin

      créer un nouveau plugin

    • NetCDF Browser

      allows to browse multi-variable and multi-dimensional netCDF files, requires GDAL >= 1.10

    • NTS Mapsheet Download

      Download CanVec, NTDB, DEM and georeferenced Topo data for Canada based on 1:50k or 1:250k NTS Mapsheet names.

    • OGR2Layers

      OGR2Layers create a html page with OpenLayers library to show on the web your vector data loaded on QGIS. You can choose a background layer, add some controls, you can render data using QGIS symbology and add query on your layer....

    • OnlineMapESRI

      Use ESRI online map in QGIS!

    • OpenLayers Plugin

      OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps layers and more

    • opeNoise

      opeNoise allows to compute the noise level generated by road traffic at fixed receiver points and buildings.

    • OSM place search

      Place finder dockable panel based on OSM data using Nominatim online tool, provided by mapquest. Use: find places using keywords. Double clic to zoom. On mouse over the result list, a dynamic rubberband of result object is displayed. Optionnal outputs: memory layer of the object, or mask layer (big square object with a hole) For persistent memory layers in qgs project, please use "memory layer saver" plugin....

    • OSMDownloader

      OpenStreetMap downloader using rectangle selection with automatic opening of the OSM file downloaded.

    • PG Version Plugin

      Description: Versioning of Postgis-Layers will become essential, when more than one person edits the same layer concurrently. To manage concurrencing editing of a single Postgis Layer the pgVersion management system supports your work. The idea is to create a versioning system for editing PostGIS-Layers similar to source code versioning systems like CVS or Subversion. A french tutorial was created by Nicolas Rochard. (

    • Points2One

      Tool for creating polygon or polyline from ordered points. Does not deal with rings and parts.

    • PostGIS Query Editor

      Offers a SQL Query Editor, Performes PostGIS spatial SQL Queries and adds the resulting vector layer to MapCanvas

    • postgisbbox

      Connect to postgis database. Select all layers that you want. Click on Map button and select by Zoom In/Zoomout the area that you want download Click on OK button (all postgis features that intersect this area/Bounding Box will be add to qgis).

    • Profile from Line plugin

      Allows the creation of points along vector lines with a user-specified distance in between. The new points can optionally sample the value of raster layers that overlap them.

    • QGIS File Browser

      A tree like file browser that allows opening any supported qgis format with a double click into the map canvas as a layer. The tree can also be filtered to show only certain file types.
      Hopefully support to open layers from different database engines will be added in the future. ...

    • Qgis Plugin Calc Pipe

      pipe line calculation

    • qgisconefor

      Integrate Conefor with QGIS. Use Conefor to perform landscape analysis from within QGIS

    • qgsAffine

      Apply affine transformations to selected geometries.

    • qgsAzimuth

      The projet's goal is to give a set of tools to draw geometries based on descriptive texts that works with coordinates such as azimuth and distance.

    • Qmarxan

      Create grid, calculate grid values, export Marxan input layers, import results. Requires ftools.

    • qSearch

      Simple interface to search within a table and save searches to run them later.

    • QSphere

      Plugin to create metadata in XML ISO 19139 format.

    • Query By Example

      Select features by location.

    • QuickMultiAttributeEdit

      Edit and assing same column value in the attribute table for the selected elements

      QuickMultiAttributeEdit is very different from MultiEdit
      QuickMultiAttributeEdit plugin want to be a very quick and handy way to update a features for the selected attributes into the current/active layer ...

    • RandomHR

      AniMove: Randomization of home ranges within a study area. Developed by Borys Jurgiel for Faunalia and University of Florence

    • Raster legend sensitive

      This plugin, show only in legend of raster, need have palette, the classes that inside map extent, and show and hide the classes of legend in the map.

      This plugin is developed on the demand of IBAMA...

    • rasterpixelcountstat

      Show raster's default information and Calculate raster pixels count by user input separated by comma values.

    • realcentroids

      This plugin creates a point shape with the centroids of a polygon shape. The centroid will be in the polygon all cases.
      Not only the geometry but the attributes are also copied to the target point shape. For more information see realcentroids.html in the help directory of the plugin....

    • Rectangles Ovals Digitizing

      This plugin helps to digitize Rectangles,Squares,Circles and ellipses on map canvas on polygon layers.

    • Reloader

      Reloader allows to reload the current layer. Likely to be useful if the data has changed on the disk.

      Released by CS Information Systems. CS is designer and integrator of mission-critical applications and systems in the fields of defence, security, space, aeronautics, energy and industry....

    • RemoteDebug

      QGIS Remote debugger plugin

    • RT MapServer Exporter

      RT MapServer Exporter plugin. Developed by Faunalia for the Tuscany Regional Government, Italy (SITA)

    • SaTSViz

      As of now QGIS has not been incorporated with any Statistical analysis tools. This plugin, called SaTSViz aims to provide QGIS an additional feature of analysis by utilising SaTScan. All input files needed for SaTScan are created by the plugin and the output files from it are read by the plugin and fed in to QGIS to visualise the analysis results. The plugin provides benefit to both the software's – an analysis tools for QGIS and a way to visualize the results given out by SaTScan....

    • SaTSVIz

      SaTSViz aims to provide QGIS an additional feature of analysis by utilising SaTScan. All input files needed for SaTScan are created by the plugin and the output files from it are read by the plugin and fed in to QGIS to visualise the analysis results. The plugin provides benefit to both the software's – an analysis tools for QGIS and a way to visualize the results given out by SaTScan....

    • SelectTools

      Extra selection feature for vector layers: select all and inverse selection

    • Shape to obstaclefile

      A plugin to create an obstacle file for the use with the RayMan model (http://www.urbanclimate-net/rayman) out of a set of ESRI shapefiles.

    • ShortestPath

      Finding the shortest path on the vector layer

    • SimpliPy

      Simplification tools with constraints

      A tool to simplify your geometries with more advanced options:

      - Choose between two line simplification algorithms
      - Choose your precision
      - Preserve the topology
      - No self-intersections for any simplification...

    • SoilTexture

      Define soil texture from sand and clay raster maps

    • Space Syntax Analysis

      Calculates the basic space syntax parameters particularly for line networks (axial lines, named streets or segment based) and makes it possible for the user to export the produced adjusted graph and geodesics to a social network analysis (SNA) software program file format (dl or net file) for further analysis of the spatial configuration concerned in the respective SNA software packages....

    • Station lines

      Create lines along polylines with some parameters (length, side, angle)

    • Swap Vector Direction

      Swap Vector Direction est un plugin qui permet d'inverser la direction d'un vecteur

    • Tile Index Viewer

      shows a preview of MapServer tile index rasters and allows to open raster layers

    • Tile Map Scale Levels

      Set the scale to the next matching Tile Map Scale. Otherwise tiled datasets will be fuzzy. Works best with Google Mercator Projection.

    • tmsforkorea

      Daum, Naver layers plugin for Korean users

    • Toggle Active Layer

      This plugin is a tool for toggle visibility of active layer, for example, you can see the difference with others layers below, when pressed and released.

    • topog4qgis

      (experimental) plugin to manage the survey jobs (now limited to italian cadastral system)

    • Topographic networks

      Experimental plugin for topographic network analysis

    • Toporobot Importer

      Plugin to import cave galleries from Toporobot / Limelight files.

      What? How? ...? See the wiki

      QGIS Plugin Repository:

      Source Repository:

    • UMN Mapserver QGIS plugin

      Mapfile Tools: Load UMN Mapserver mapfile as Layer

    • UMSPlagin

      Integrate Qgis in UMS

    • Unique_values_saver

      It grabs unique values froma a vector layer and saves all the features corresponding to each unique value as a new shapefile with geometry type and attributes coming from source vector file.

    • UNIX timestamp

      Convert Unix timestamp to Readable Date/time.
      Convert a Date/Time to a Unix timestamp.

    • UUID Creator

      Plugin for calculate a UUID.
      -add a prefix
      -add the suffix
      -upper UUID value

    • UuidGenerator

      Plugin for creating a UUID.

    • Valuetool

      Valuetool shows you the values from rasterlayers in a dockingwidget. Either as values or as graph.
      Valuetool plugin is originally developed by G. Picard, but to make it possible to make changes it is put under

      Actual, updated repository is on github at

    • VectorFieldRenderer

      This plugin creates a new symbology, which represents vector attribute data (for example flow rate and direction, earthquake displacements) as arrows scaled and oriented according to the vector. The vector can be represented as cartesian or polar coordinates. The plugin includes a menu bar which is used to interactively resize the symbols, and also creates a scale box on the map window....

    • VectorMCDA

      VectorMCDA is a QGIS plugin that use several MCDA algorithms performing a multicriteria analysis in a geographical environment

    • view3Dpoints

      a simple viewer for point 3d or shape point with elevation field , it require and use [[]]

    • Viewshed analysis

      Tool for advanced visibility analysis. Besides common binary viewshed (yes/no value for each pixel), the plugin features:

      - generation of cumulative viewshed
      - extraction of visible horizon
      - calculation of the depth at which lay invisible areas
      - generation of intervisibility networks...

    • VTEnviro

      plugin viewer 3d
      provides an interactive, realtime 3D navigation of your virtual terrain.
      Loads all the elements of the scene: elevation data, ground textures, roads, buildings, vegetation, vehicles
      interaction currently includes:
      browsing the scene graph...

    • WFS 2.0 Client
      OGC Web Feature Service 2.0.0 Client
      • Supports WFS 2.0
      • Supports Minimal Spatial Filter (BBOX)
      • Supports Stored Queries
    • wktRaster Postgis Plugin

      This plugin is an user interface for loading raster data into a postgis server and viewing on QGIS.

    • WPS-Client

      Client for Web Processing Services

    • Ziplayers

      Create zips from loaded layers

    • ZoomRC

      Qgis plugin that allow the user to zoom to a Spanish Cadastral reference

    • ZoomToCoordinates

      Zoom Pan Or Highlight user entered coordinates

    • Zoomtopaste

      Zoom to a specified point on the map from the Clipboard comma delimited

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