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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned to Updated
10094 BugOpenLowField Calculator help missing for $uuid04/20/2014 01:12 am
10090 BugOpenNormalGDAL handling of file extensions in Windows 7 in QGIS 2.204/18/2014 02:43 am
10089 BugOpenNormalOutput of statistics: please add layer and column names04/18/2014 02:38 am
10088 FeatureOpenNormalRun Feature Action doesn't run action by default...04/18/2014 01:50 am
10087 BugOpenBlocker"else" rules are broken in masterNathan Woodrow04/17/2014 09:17 pm
10086 FeatureOpenNormalAdd a "Save as" for Processing logsVictor Olaya04/17/2014 07:05 am
10085 BugOpenHighLast feature change is not saved in form mode04/17/2014 05:15 am
10082 FeatureOpenNormalSave query no more possible04/16/2014 03:28 am
10081 BugOpenBlockerRegression when reprojecting layers04/16/2014 03:24 am
10080 BugOpenNormalModel does not show up in toolbox due to erroneous "Error in algorithm name"Victor Olaya04/16/2014 06:10 pm
10079 BugOpenNormaldefault styles in postgresql do not restore04/15/2014 01:30 pm
10076 BugOpenNormalSLD file generation04/15/2014 05:37 am
10068 BugOpenNormalQGIS server caches layers with same ID but in different projects as one04/15/2014 03:08 am
10067 FeatureOpenNormalPopulate attribute column with a spatial join04/14/2014 02:40 pm
10066 BugOpenNormallayer from query - data type is not recognized when using operand in query04/14/2014 01:34 pm
10065 BugOpenNormalQGIS 2.2 Attribute Editor Layout “Drag and Drop designer” Field does not exist in datasource04/17/2014 05:02 am
10064 BugOpenBlockerQGIS-Processing is broken in Master04/14/2014 05:10 am
10062 BugOpenBlockerRecently created R script is only shown on the toolbox after restarting QGISVictor Olaya04/20/2014 04:30 am
10059 BugOpenNormalVector grid tool creates output with false CRS04/12/2014 11:58 pm
10057 FeatureOpenNormalSupport for one-way projections04/12/2014 11:08 am
10056 BugOpenNormalWhen using data defined colors, the map legend show always a black symbol04/12/2014 07:16 am
10055 FeatureOpenNormalmap legends in composer - should be able to limit the number of decimal places displayed04/12/2014 06:09 am
10054 FeatureOpenNormalUsing of postgis tables in batch modeVictor Olaya04/11/2014 07:28 pm
10053 BugOpenNormalOGC Binary Logical Operators evaluate only the first two operands04/11/2014 04:37 am
10052 BugOpenNormalDB Manager: layer resulting from query has table full with just "ERROR", at times causes freezes/crasheses04/11/2014 02:19 am

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