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11719 Bug reportOpenNormalOracle Data Provider Multiline gapJürgen Fischer11/23/2014 04:35 pm
11718 Feature requestOpenNormalvector style categorized does not detect numeric column to sort Values11/23/2014 02:16 pm
11717 Bug reportFeedbackNormalsymbology/layers wrong order11/23/2014 02:35 am
11716 Bug reportFeedbackNormalcore dump on startup11/23/2014 08:53 pm
11704 Bug reportOpenNormalAdding valid layer but not in QgsMapLayerRegistry to QgsLayerTreeGroup crashes QGIS 2.6Martin Dobias11/23/2014 01:27 pm
11703 Bug reportOpenNormalAdd Invalid Layer to QgsLayerTreeGroup crashes QGIS 2.6Martin Dobias11/23/2014 01:26 pm
11698 Bug reportOpenNormalMax size of qwidget in QGIS 2.611/23/2014 11:06 pm
11697 Bug reportClosedHighQGIS 2.6 crashes when opening Save As dialog on OS X Yosemite11/23/2014 01:10 am
11696 Feature requestOpenNormalRed blinking line for empty label11/23/2014 03:26 pm
11546 Bug reportReopenedBlockerQGIS crash/close unexpectedly after some actions11/23/2014 08:49 am
11526 Bug reportFeedbackHighVector layer "Save as..." fails with GDAL 1.11.111/23/2014 02:40 pm
11433 Bug reportClosedNormalProcessing: Help editor does not save the textVictor Olaya11/23/2014 06:35 am
10480 Bug reportOpenNormalGeoreferencer truncates coordinates to 2 decimals11/23/2014 08:17 pm
9007 Bug reportFeedbackHighMS SQL uniqueidentifier data type is not supportedNathan Woodrow11/23/2014 04:02 pm
6801 Feature requestOpenNormaladd "dissolve only adjacent" dissolve option/toolGiovanni Manghi11/23/2014 10:27 am

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