Call for Nominations August 2013

Please read this entire document before submitting a nomination

Structure of the PSC

The QGIS PSC currently consists of five members.

Current Membership

The current membership of the PSC is:

  • Marco Hugentobler - Technical Advisor
  • Tim Sutton - Release Manager
  • Otto Dassau - Community Advisor
  • Paolo Cavallini - Financial and Marketing Advisor
  • Gary Sherman - Chairperson

New Roles

With this call for nominations, the QGIS project is adding the following seats:

  • Design advisor
  • Infrastructure Manager
  • Testing and QA manager

Transfer of Roles

Tim Sutton has asked to move into the new Testing/QA manager role to focus his efforts in that area.


With the addition of the new roles and transfer of Mr. Sutton, the current vacancies and roles are:

  • Design Advisor
    • To oversee activities related to QGIS branding, including logo, user experience, icons, and other graphic elements common to both the application and the project's web presence.
  • Infrastructure Manager
    • Manage and oversee the QGIS project infrastructure, including servers, websites, source control, and issue tracking.
    • Make recommendations for improvements, expansion, and consolidation of services.
    • Guide and direct volunteers
  • Release Manager
    • Oversee timely, regular, stable releases of QGIS on the various supported platforms.
    • With the PSC, determine timelines for freezes, releases, and general release and maintenance policies.
    • Recruit and support build managers to create packages for supported platforms.


All members have equal standing and voice in the PSC. To be eligible for membership in the PSC, a person should have a demonstrated and substantial involvement in QGIS.


Members of the PSC must:

  • Be willing to commit to the QGIS development effort
  • Be responsive to requests for information from fellow members
  • Be able and willing to attend online meetings
  • Act in the best interests of the project


To be qualified for membership in QGIS PSC, a person must agree to the responsibilities listed previously and be willing to serve in one or more of the following capacities:


Anyone is eligible to be nominated to the QGIS PSC. Ideally nominees would be QGIS users or developers and have an understanding of GIS and the goals of the QGIS project. In addition, nominees should meet the qualifications set forth in this document. Anyone can submit a nomination.

Nomination Period

Nominations will open on August 3, 2013 and close on August 24, 2013 at

How to Nominate Someone

Read this section carefully

To nominate someone for the position of Design advisor, Infrastructure Manager or Release Manager

  1. Nominator checks with the nominee to make sure they are willing to serve on the PSC and commit to the goals and duties described in this document
  2. Nominator submits the nomination via email to
  3. The subject line of your email must be (copy and paste the from the lines below to ensure you get an exact match):
    • Nomination for QGIS PSC - Design advisor
    • Nomination for QGIS PSC - Release Manager
    • Nomination for QGIS PSC - Infrastructure Manager
  4. Nominations without the correct subject line will be rejected
  5. Nominations without complete information will be rejected
    • Complete information includes:
      • Full name of the nominator (that's you)
      • Email address of the nominator
      • Full name of the nominee
      • Email address of the nominee
      • Justification why the person should be a member of the PSC. This can be just a sentence or two in length.

The PSC will contact the nominee to confirm their willingness to serve and add their name is added to the list of nominees.

You must submit all the information in item 5 for the nomination to be accepted

List of Nominees

As nominations are received, they will be posted daily to PSC Nominations August 2013