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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned to Updated
11035 Feature requestOpenNormalAdd pyresample backendVictor Olaya08/11/2014 02:24 am
11007 Bug reportFeedbackNormalSAGA does not recognise deleted features within SHAPEFILEVictor Olaya08/05/2014 05:50 am
10275 Feature requestOpenLowCopy SAGA documentation from RSAGA project06/24/2014 05:00 am
10254 Feature requestOpenNormalProcessing - Grid and Guides similar to Composer05/13/2014 11:35 am
10253 Feature requestOpenNormalProcessing - Alias in addition to name of geoprocessing algorithm05/13/2014 11:35 am
10252 Bug reportOpenNormalProcessing - Field Precision saved in models05/13/2014 11:34 am
10251 Feature requestOpenNormalProcessing - Order Model saves values05/13/2014 11:33 am
10242 Feature requestOpenNormalJoin Attribute Table algorithm: add support to join geometryless tables06/24/2014 05:01 am
10080 Bug reportFeedbackNormalModel does not show up in toolbox due to erroneous "Error in algorithm name"Victor Olaya05/05/2014 11:04 pm
10000 Bug reportOpenNormalCannot use osm layers (no features?)Victor Olaya06/04/2014 11:18 pm
9960 Feature requestOpenNormalAdd or document SCR input type for scriptsVictor Olaya03/31/2014 06:51 am
9909 Bug reportOpenNormalPrevent creation of recursive models (or provide solution to break out of loops)Victor Olaya03/28/2014 12:25 pm
9903 Bug reportOpenNormalRename v.voronoi "Do not create attribute table" [yes/no]Victor Olaya03/27/2014 06:48 am
9902 Bug reportOpenNormalUsing v.voronoi with "output tessellation as graph" returns point resultVictor Olaya03/27/2014 06:46 am
9890 Bug reportFeedbackNormal"Nearest neighbor analysis" can be added to a model but no output is displayedVictor Olaya09/15/2014 10:22 am
9888 Bug reportOpenNormalModeler should remember expanded inputs and outputsVictor Olaya03/26/2014 06:28 am
9887 Bug reportIn ProgressNormalExample script "Hex grid from layer bound" creates topologically incorrect grid09/15/2014 06:02 am
9869 Feature requestOpenNormalProcessing - Tooltip should display the algorithm description from helpVictor Olaya03/26/2014 07:22 am
9472 Feature requestOpenNormalJoin adjacent linesVictor Olaya01/31/2014 06:43 am
9469 Feature requestOpenNormalSplit lines with points layer Victor Olaya01/31/2014 04:05 am
9425 Bug reportOpenNormalgrass_script.bat always fails if USERNAME contains MBCSVictor Olaya01/26/2014 01:54 am
9402 Feature requestOpenNormalMake the new Field Calculator tool available in the ModelerAlexander Bruy04/07/2014 06:26 pm
9400 Bug reportReopenedNormal"Clip raster by mask layer" produces different results than "Clipper" from Raster MenuAlexander Bruy01/22/2014 01:18 pm
9336 Bug reportFeedbackHighQGis Geoalgorithms - Vector General Tools - Snap points to grid03/26/2014 07:23 am
9317 Bug reportOpenNormalOTB Band Math error with Processing (sextante) modelerVictor Olaya01/15/2014 08:05 am

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