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06:41 am QGIS Application Revision bfcf2528e09f463ef9fce905b5a9a8d5ed878758: Add QgsCrashHandler for single place for all p...
Add QgsCrashHandler for single place for all platforms


11:18 pm QGIS Application Revision db8a14d4967e28e7cb0ddfdc9ef3da2f1c0e1ef6: Test cmake (#4343)
* Streamline cmake test file adding


05:08 pm QGIS Application Revision f23ed3a6cadb3820d3458bc7d60a4c41f33a9954: Move editor tools into editors folder (#4324)
Move editor tools into editors folder and add test QtCreator template


06:35 am QGIS Application Revision 0ad804a7819fd570b9b1d4ff37fd87811d9086eb: [FEATURE] Add support for Windows jump lists (...


03:22 am QGIS Application Revision 6d53f83d621e1cf98c18278f0a0801042a9f07d1: Add keyboard shortcut to actions in the UI
Also bolds action tooltip text to make it clearer.
Shortcuts live inside ({shortcut-here}) in the tooltip


11:26 pm QGIS Application Revision 2bedaf869c639b43a0f0f93f42e20208a79e057c: Don't show prompt on empty group
10:06 pm QGIS Application Revision 72551fbe8416c7e8acef5cc4db08be9b8bafd448: [Expressions] Move field values widget


09:07 pm QGIS Application Revision d976aa61e6f80a7026b4a37c3507b7c2b752f782: Add word wrapping for expression builder


02:51 pm QGIS Application Bug report #15920: QLR file loading ignoring <widgetv2config> configuration, as opposed when load...
QLR files were intended to be just styles and label information at this time. In QGIS 3.0 I would like to split all ...


04:28 am QGIS Application Bug report #14705 (Closed): Open style dock via View -> Panels doesn't set active layer
Layer combo will always have a active layer now.

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