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Type can be: Printed journal, Electronic journal, Mailing list, IRC

Latest ones first:

Where Language Person Contact Date
BBC Web site English 2012-04
FOSSGIS Brasil Portuguese Giovanni Manghi, Paolo Cavallini e Vânia Neves 2011-06
QGIS: Open Source Desktop-GIS wird erwachsen German Andreas Neumann, Marco Hugentobler Andreas.Neumann at Stadt-Uster dot ch ; marco.hugentobler at sourcepole dot ch 2010-06
AFZ - DerWald German Robert Nuske rnuske at gwdg dot de 2010-06
[Position IT] English Tim Sutton and Nwabisa Kakaza tim at linfiniti dot com 2010-03
Geodeta Polish Borys Jurgiel info at borysjurgiel.pl 2010-01
IGN Magazine 55 French Lionel Roubeyrie 2009-11
UNIGIS Offline German Werner Macho werner dot macho at gmail dot com 2009-09
Linux Magazine German Marco Hugentobler, Otto Dassau 2009-06
Geoinformatics English Quantum GIS PSC 2009-02
FreeGeoCZ Czech, Slovak Martin Landa
PortailSIG French Ludovic Granjon 2007-10-28
OSGeo journal (vol.1) English Gary Sherman 2007-05
MondoGIS Italian Paolo Cavallini 2007-01-11

Scientific/Academic Papers: papers where QGIS was used or cited.

Where Title Person/s Contact Date
Ecological Modelling 230:22-33 Occurrence and
abundance models of threatened plant species: applications to mitigate the impact of hydroelectric power dams
Guarino E.S.G, Barbosa A.M. & Waechter J.L. esguarino at cpafac dot embrapa dot br 2012
Ecography 35:174-182 The
'rotiferologist' effect and other global correlates of species richness in monogonont rotifers
Fontaneto D., Barbosa A.M., Pautasso M. & Segers H. diego dot fontaneto at gmail dot com 2012
Ecological Indicators 11:1658-1663 Biotic and abiotic parameters that distinguish types of temporary
ponds in a Portuguese Mediterranean ecosystem
Pinto-Cruz C., Barbosa A.M., Molina J.A. & Espírito-Santo M.D. ccruz at uevora dot pt 2011
Wildlife Biology in Practice 6:34-47 Favourable areas for expansion and reintroduction of Iberian lynx accounting for distribution trends and genetic diversity of the European rabbit Barbosa A.M. & Real R. barbosa at uevora dot pt 2010
Acta Herpetologica Free GIS for herpetologists: free data sources on Internet and comparison analysis of proprietary and free/open source software Neftalí Sillero, Pedro Tarroso neftali dot pablos at fc dot up dot pt 2010
Ethology Home Range Analysis in the Study of Spatial Organization on the Comb in the Paper Wasp Polistes Dominulus David Baracchi, Marco Zaccaroni, Rita Cervo & Stefano Turillazzi david dot baracchi at gmail dot com 2010
Animal Conservation Is the human population a large-scale indicator of the species richness of ground beetles? Barbosa A.M., Fontaneto D., Marini L. & Pautasso M. barbosa at uevora dot pt 2010
Conservation Biology Use of Coarse-Resolution Models of Species' Distributions to Guide Local Conservation Inferences A.MÁRCIA BARBOSA, RAIMUNDO REAL AND J.MARIO VARGAS barbosa at uevora dot pt 23 April 2010
Hydrobiologia, 634: 11-24 Plant communities as a tool in temporary ponds conservation in SW Portugal Pinto-Cruz C., J. A. Molina, M. Barbour, V. Silva & M. D. Espirito-Santo ccruz at uevora dot pt 2009
Geoinformatics FCE CTU Toolbar icons for GIS applications Robert Szczepanek robert at szczepanek.pl 2009
Anais da Academia Brasileira de Ciências Fluoride characterization by principal component analysis in the hydrochemical facies of Serra Geral Aquifer System in Southern Brazil Arthur Nanni; Ari Roisenberg; Jandyra M.G. Fachel; Gilberto Mesquita; Cristiano Danieli arthur.nanni at gmail.com April 2008
European Journal of Wildlife Research Are pheasants attracted or repelled by roads? A test of a crucial assumption for transect censuses Emilia Venturato, Paolo Cavallini and Francesco Dessì-Fulgheri 20 August 2009 on line
GeoFocus The use of open source software in geological mapping courses (in portuguese) Arthur Nanni; Alexandre Chaves arthur.nanni at ufsc.br November 2011

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