Spatial-query-tool, ideas and specs to refactor current tool

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Analyse of other equivalent tools and UI:

Analyse of Arcgis spatial query tool:
UI overview:

  • Selection methods (multiple layers can be put as targets) :

Create new selection add to current selection remove from selection select from selection source layer choice + option to use only selected objects of source layer

  • spatial query method

target intersects source ( +3d option) target is in distance of source + distance parameter + units targets include source targets entirely include source targets are within source targets are entirely within source targets touches sources (share a boundary) targets shares a line segments targets are crosses by source boundary targets have their centroid inside source

IMHO, the only drawback is to have spatial selection methods well understood by common end user. I really liked Geoprocessing wizard that showed little pictures for each rule. We could have a floating panel of that kind (drawn better of course)


arcgis_spatial_query.jpg (59.3 kB) Regis Haubourg, 01/08/2013 02:21 am

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